These are the ongoing projects for this year.
Join us in our volunteer work and be part of our team!
Stories need heroes.
Let's do it together.

CSO Myanmar Refugee Schools

We Teach

We are helping the children with special lessons organised by volunteer teachers.

We Entertain

We organise cinema trips for groups of approximately 100 children.

We Give

We are planning some surprises for Christmas.

We Donate

In addition to the donations we make a few collections of materials and clothes.

Families Of Refugees Afgans

We Assist

We work with the ladies from Afghanistan who need our help.

We Create

We organise workshops to teach the women a trade and give them the opportunity to sell what they make and earn a profit.

We Donate

We collect furniture, food, clothes and shoes for them.

Visit To UKM Hospital

We Care

Every Tuesday from 10:30 to 13:00 we visit the children's room at the hospital. We named this program Tuesday Anties. Children are expecting us every week, not only for the toys we also bring to them, but because they enjoy a lot sharing some pleasant and amusing time.

Once Upon A Time

We Read

One children reads a book to another children in the school of CSO Cheras. The reader-children who participate can be either from the same school or outside volunteers.

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