Join our membership programme by making an annual payment and enjoy all the discounts and activities we’ve  planned for you. By becoming a member you join a community of women who share the conviction of working together for a more fair society. With your membership you will be supporting the work of young volunteers and locals for overcoming poverty in Malaysia.

This year we launched and distributed the LATIN CARD, a loyalty programme which provides members a wide range of exclusive benefits and unique experiences in several affiliated stores.


The poverty and social exclusion in the settlements has mobilized many people throughout Malaysia.

Week by week, volunteers develop various projects and activities with families and settlers. To keep on growing and showing more results we need you; we need your energy and talent. 

We are confident it is possible but there is much more to do. Join us!


Your contribution allow us to continue working to overcome poverty and inequality in Malaysia.

In every activity we plan, we aim to help someone; to create opportunities for people that, with a little push, will be able to develop their capabilities in full.

Make a difference: Donate today.

Other Ways To Participate

Join with your School

You and your school can be part of building a fair and poverty-free country. Live a transformative experience by participating in different activities with your classmates and settlement habitants.  

Join with your Company

Corporate volunteering is a triple impact tool that generates value to the environment, the company and its employees. Through a teamwork experience, with tangible impact and in the very short term, it establishes strong ties between the participants, towards the company and with the overcoming of poverty.

Pledge Your Birthday

We know your birthday is a very special occasion. How about sharing it to make a difference in the lives of families living in poverty? The funds you raise will help build thriving communities across Malaysia. It´s easy and simple, just donate an amount and share your campaign with your friends. Make your birthday count, pledge now!

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