About Our Organisation

The Latin Women’s Association of Malaysia (LWAM) is a non-profit organisation that promotes activities and events to help integrate the Latin community in Malaysia while supporting those who are in need.

It is financed solely by voluntary contributions from LWAM and others who share its vision of a better world.

Since 1970, the Association, created by Datin Mary Musa, has been developing community service projects that address many of today’s most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence.

who is lawam

Our Mission

We promote integrity and push for worldwide understanding, goodwill and peace through our fellowship of business and community leaders.

What We Do

  • Encourage friendship among Spanish-speaking residents in Malaysia.​
  • Arrange and promote activities to preserve the language, dances, food, customs and Latin traditions.
  • Create and spread greater understanding and appreciation of the multiracial and multicultural society of Malaysia.
  • Organise activities that benefit organizations that lack of economic, welfare and support.
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